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#55256 by lbmofo
Mon May 10, 2010 9:52 pm
sfhub wrote:IMO Ooma wants to be a stand-up company by doing the right thing and in that way what they wanted to do aligned with what it was in their best interest to do.

Amen to that and I am very glad that ooma is doing that. I think I have to take back a lot of what I said because I now think that you are more right than me in your belief that RRF will never be imposed on Core customers. I've never seen the Terms & Conditions posted before ooma started the $11.75 RRF so I can't speak to that. However, I did go through my Core box to see if there is any "subject to change" language and I couldn't find any. Neither on the box nor within the printed materials inside the box. All I see is the following blurb on the box: "The one-time purchase of an ooma system includes unlimited US calling, caller-ID, call-waiting, and voicemail for the life of the ooma Hub device. Other enhanced features may carry a monthly service fee." Just by looking at that blurb, it demonstrates the "stand-up" qualities of ooma by allowing non RRF status to transfer when Core customers change their devices (when broken, upgrading). Summary: guaranted non RRF status for Core customers forever is a a bit strong but highly likely is probably the better wording.

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