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#53493 by jrspe
Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:02 am
I am a new OOMA user and am very pleased with everything so far. Setup was a snap, update(s) went smoothly, porting is complete, all RJ11 ports in the house have been activated, Qwest has been given the heave-ho, life is good. (Now just keep the regulating/taxing government politicians and bureaucrats as far away from it as possible ...)

With all of that in mind I picked up a Teleo handset from Newegg just to try it out. Again, everything installed easily and quickly. But I do have a couple of questions ...

1) Although I performed a "manual" firmware update via the Menu on the handset, are future updates automatic? And, if they are not, does OOMA notify me via e-mail that new updates are available?

2) For all of the well thought out engineering that I see in the OOMA product/service, I was somewhat disappointed to see a NiMH battery in the handset. I would have thought that a Li battery would have been spec'd. Any plans to make a Li solution available in the future?
#53495 by Groundhound
Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:17 am
Telo Handset updates happen automatically. Usually handset updates occur at the same time as an update for the Telo base and are pushed from Ooma, though not all Telo base updates include handset updates.

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