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#52971 by Jerry_NA
Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:40 pm
I have noticed that I have several calls logged in duplicate (exact same time of day, calling number, and duration of call) in MyOoma call log. The odd thing is this duplication does not happen on every call, nor is there a pattern as to which call logs get duplicated (missed vs. answered vs. cell vs. landline). This is not a problem for me- I just ignore the duplicates. However, I noticed that another Ooma customer complained about getting duplicate caller ID when a call rings, and thought this might be a related symptom. I hope this helps Ooma figure it out. If it matters, I have an Ooma Telo bought and set up on my DSL in December 2009. Hooked it up to my house wiring to feed the wired telephones. No major problems, aside from some occasional voice echoes, delays, and some short bad-voice-quality issues. That seems to be life with VOIP. We're reasonably happy with the Telo. Apologies for the bad grammar- it's been a late night.

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