What I think is wrong with Ooma service

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What I think is wrong with Ooma service

Post by adabob » Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:14 pm

I've had my Ooma for a few months now and am generally happy. Call quality is similar to Vonage where I was a customer for over 5 years. I understand Ooma is basically free if you're not using Premier. These are just my observations as a new user who has had VOIP service and my experience so far.

A. International calling is not that clear of a process. I bought my Ooma and was told I had free Premier for several days. Even in my account window it showed 27 days till subscription starts (which is even more confusing). So what I found is if I did not click on a link and opt to NOT be charged for service at the end of the trial I would be surprised with a new $9.99 monthly charge. This should not be done as it sends a poor message to new users. Yes I know Ooma wants us to try the $9.99 service and hope we stick with it but not all of us need it. If I knew this was just going to be another VOIP service that charged monthly fees I would not have left Vonage. You sell us on buy this box and then get it for free and then the truth comes out that a fee will later be added.

B. I needed to call Canada the other day and tried to call a 647 area code after which I got a recorded message that I did not have credits. OK so I logged on to buy minutes and I see the Premier thing which appears I am a Premier account for a trial period and want to buy the $4.99 international minutes. WAIT but it won't allow me to select that option, so what does this mean, am I Premier or NOT. But it did let me buy $25 worth of minutes.

C. Installation was made to appear more complicated then it really is. After reading all the plug the hub in between your computer and the router or modem info what most people want to do is just plug the darn Ooma box into the router directly but the instructions don't mention doing that. I don't want the Ooma box in between anything else, I have plenty of ports to add things and don't need the options they instruct you to use. Just tell people to plug the Ooma hub directly into the router (that's it) this makes it real easy. They power it on and off a few times and finally it connects. MAKE IS SIMPLE. Instead the fancy instructions have all sorts of unplug this and plug in this, change this and that. None of this was needed. It almost has me throwing the unit in the box and taking it back to the store. Vonage does this, plug it into your router, boom, done.

These are just my observations, don't need anyone to tell me what I'm doing wrong, I just wanted to share my opinion and perhaps Ooma might learn something. I have two other friend who I helped install the same Ooma hubs and we had the same issues so its not just me.

Thank you

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