Call Forwarding

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Call Forwarding

Post by ddwifeone » Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:54 am

I subscribed to Ooma Premier pretty much just for the call forwarding - I wanted to make sure I'd never miss a call from my deployed husband. It worked great for a month or so, but now it seems to have pooped out on me.

Now sometimes I'll have it set to 'Call forward all' and put in my cell phone number, but the call still goes to the house phone. My husband has been calling on a fairly regular schedule, so I usually only use the call forwarding if I know he's going to be calling. This past weekend I set Ooma to forward all my calls to my cell phone because I knew he would be calling, and then I left the house to go pick up my daughter. I got an e-mail message from my husband saying he tried to call and got the voicemail, but my cell phone never rang. Sure enough, I came home and my home phone had a missed call, even though all calls were supposed to be forwarded to my cell phone.

Has anyone else had problems with call forwarding not working properly? What did you do to fix it?

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Re: Call Forwarding

Post by southsound » Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:45 pm

First off, please thank your husband for me for his service to our country - and thank you and your family for the sacrifice of not having him home with you at this time.

On to the question about call forwarding... I have both the hub and a Telo plus a landline and a cell phone. Rather than use the call forwarding feature of ooma, I use Google Voice as a front end. My wife and I are always together so we have our GV number ring our cell and either landline or one of the oomas. Google Voice is free and you could keep the number just for your husband's calls, having it ring your cell and home phones as we do. The number also accepts and sends SMS (text messages) and offers free calling anywhere in the US (just like ooma) from your home phone.

Google Voice is available only by invitation, but since your husband is serving our country, send me an email using the little envelope under my picture and I'll send you one.
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Re: Call Forwarding

Post by VicMatson » Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:06 pm

Google Voice is a good idea, but it isn't quite open yet. However if you Google Google voice there is a link for an invite, the problem is it's first come first served and can takes weeks or longer.

In the mean time make sure your Ooma is up to date and reboot it, that cleared up my many forwarding problems.

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