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#51156 by MsCoulter
Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:49 pm
A couple of months ago I posted about my Internet connection dropping frequently since installing the ooma and that I was having to reset everything to get it back...what a pain that was! Anyway, after about 40 days with no problems, I am confident that it is resolved and wanted to share the solution. FYI, I have the ooma hub and scout. If you are having a similar problem, you should look at the age of your equipment. My Modem and router were at least 4 years old. First I replaced the router with an inexpensive Trendnet Wireless G router. I still had a problem, though less frequent than before, so then I called the cable company (time/warner) and told them I thought the modem needed to be replaced with an up to date model. They came right out and checked everything. The lines were just fine, but the tech did agree that the modem was older technology. Once he replaced it, I have not had any issues. Occasionally the Internet seems slow, but not when using the ooma, just random. Overall it actually seems faster. Anyway, by the time ooma support got back to me it was already resolved. Do not bother emailing suport as they will take weeks if not months to respond. Better yet, before contacting support, make sure you are using a modem with the latest technology from your ISP provider as well as your own equipment being up to date. Also, thanks to all who offered suggestions to me in an effort to help. The ooma community is terrific! :D

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