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#50290 by rennman10
Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:33 pm
I have my fax machine plugged directly into my Ooma per the Knowledgebase article. The first time I tried to fax, my fax dialed - the other one answered and my fax machine went from "dialing mode" to "sending mode" but the fax failed. Then, I tried using *99 with a pause of 4 seconds before the fax number. Now my fax machine dials - the other machine answers - BUT my machine never shifts from "dialing mode" to "sending mode." So the other machine is ready but mine doesn't think it has been answered and so does not start sending. In this case I get "comm error."

I don't think I am getting to the point where I could have a sending glitch because my machine never "hears" the answer of the other fax and does not start sending.

#50331 by rennman10
Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:40 am

Here is what I found. I turned off ECM (setting compatibility to "BASIC") and my machine also has a mode called "OVERSEAS" which is meant to help deal with fuzzy lines. This is a Brother MFC-845CW. However, Brother reports that ECM will be used regardless of configuration if sending a color fax. So faxing color is probably not going to work.

I was able to send a fax but I think the actual reason is for other than turning off ECM. I was trying to send a fax on Friday evening. Running VoIP Speed Test, I found that my internet quality had severely degenerated: I was getting as high as 307 ms JITTER and 2.8% packet loss. So a fax, I don't think was going to work no mater what.

My fax went through easily on Saturday morning and I found that JITTER was .09 ms and PACKET LOSS was 0%. So I was able to fax repeatedly without troubles this morning.

Is it so that even if I wasn't watching movies my neighbors all were on Friday evening? :o

Time of day may be important when sending faxes. :!:
#50332 by murphy
Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:12 am
If you have cable internet, you share the "pipe" with everyone in your neighborhood and possibly several neighborhoods. Evenings are when the "kids" are most likely to be on the internet.

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