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#49402 by jkjflee
Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:19 am
A few weeks back I ported my land line # to ooma. This took about 6 weeks to complete it took some time but did go well.

After the porting of my land line I experienced problems with local land line calls not getting through to my phone. Anyone calling long distance or from a cell or from Mediacom could call me fine. I found this frustrating and called my old phone co to verify that they have completed the port and have me removed from their system. They did not want to help me out since I was no longer a customer of theirs and told me yeah... it was done. I also called and reported to ooma 3 weeks ago... I really never heard anything back from ooma about this.

Well just the other day (3/1/10) I began to receive phone calls from local land lines. I attribute this to the 1st of the month which the old phone Co did finally remove me from their system which now allow the local calls to get through somehow.

I just wanted to pass this along if others out there are having the same problems as I did may find this helpful in some way. I have found this forum helpful in one way or another. Thanks everyone. I am enjoying using ooma now.
#52909 by Yoda
Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:02 pm
Just an additional followup note for those with this issue.

I was a longtime vonage customer before switching to Ooma 2 years back.

After sucessfully porting 2 numbers over, other vonage customers could NOT call me as they would receive a "This number is no longer in service message". After several calls to vonage, they finally remove me from their provisioning database which took care of the issue. After asking why they didn't do this when the number was ported away from them, they answered it is done only at request.

You would assume that after they no longer have the number assigned to their service they would relinquish all ties to that number; however I believe this "oversight" is purposefully done to annoy the average unknowing customer in order to regain their business. Most people would not consider it was their old sevicer that was the cause of the issue and become more and more disenchaned with their new provider.
#52925 by swong
Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:02 pm
Thanks jkjflee for this timely bit of news. Like yourself I have been waiting almost 4 weeks now for my phone number to port. While I have received Ooma email confirmation this will be completed by this coming Thursday (some 2 days from now) I am disappointed with the duration it takes for this porting. Reason I decided to go Ooma was for the "clean and uneventful" conversion from Verizon to Ooma which was what ocurred with my brother-in-law who recommended I also go with Ooma. Kind of bummed out that Ooma was real quick to charge and bill my credit card but slow to port. To make matter interesting I now see that depedning when you activate your Hub/Telo will determine how much in monthly/annual taxes and surcharges Ooma will charge against your credit card on file. Looks like any immediate savings will now be eaten up with another month being held a captive audience with Verizon
#53662 by richalger
Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:12 pm
I used a tip from another post and asked one of the people who couldn't call me. I had them complain to Cox Communications that they could not reach my number from their home phone, even though they can reach me from their cell phone. We ported our number from Cox to Ooma.

The problem was resolved by the end of the day. I also had called the Ooma support line. It was the first time I ever had. I think it was my friend who called Cox that resolved my problem.

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