non-ooma tivo solution

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non-ooma tivo solution

Post by wolf359 » Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:37 am

a solution for older model tivo(series1) daily updates
I ended up using the Serial PPP method.
hardware needed:
1. tivo software ver greater 3.0
2. tivo serial cable.
3. based on your pc
a 9pin female to 9pin female NULL modem cable.
OR 9pin female to 25pin female NULL modem cable.
4. a pc with a free com port, with access to the internet.

setup instructions: ... et/45.html
cable specs:

1. make sure your GUEST account is enabled before you start.
2. do after setup(XP)
under "incoming connections" properties -- networking tab
select "specify ip addresss" and input an address range OUTSIDE
your router's address range.
3. com port speed and tivo port speed need to match
115200 ",#211"
57600 ",#257"
38400 ",#238"

hope this helps
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