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#42804 by hpepper
Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:15 pm
Soundjudgment wrote:
southsound wrote:Ahhh. How far we have come. I remember my first auto dial telepone. It used cards to store the numbers!


Yep. The top of the phone was the 'Client Address Book' where the dialing-cards were to be stored in alphabetical order. Naturally, each of the cards could only be 'programmed' once. No editing allowed. :p

Wow - the picture reminds me of the days of offices wired with 25 pair cabling and push button line selector phones. I remember when tone dialing came out you could use the switchhook to pulse dial (and still can today on some POTS lines/LEC carriers) would quickly press the switchhook (hangup button) multiple times the number of times for each number dialed - that is quickly press it 6 times for the number 6 and so on.

Wow - telcom has come a long way... I know old timers like me and ole' Baby Bell employees like Southsound remember.

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