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#41325 by kickink
Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:39 am
First of all, I have the Qwest DSL and a landline phone which I believe that there is already at least one incoming wall phone jack with the DSL filter - the upper one is connected to the phones, the lower one is connected to the modem for my computer. Anyway, I plan to discontinue my landline phone once my Ooma Telo is up and running but to keep my DSL service.
Here is the problem I have: I got a new number from Ooma and got my Ooma Telo installed about a week ago all according to the guide provided by Ooma. The problem is that I can only make phone calls out but no phone calls in. When I called from my existing landline to my Ooma phone, all I get is a message saying: “The number you are calling is not working at this time due to temporary routing problems, please try your call again later.” If I called from my cell, there is just a busy tune. I tried also shut everything down and reconnected and turned them back on, but the problem still exists.
I checked with one of my friends who has got Qwest DSL with the same modem also is currently using the Ooma phone, his is working just fine. Then I had him to check mine and he thought that I have got everything right. One thing might worth mention is that: Although the landline and cell phone from outside can’t call in, but my friend could make phone call to my Ooma number through his Ooma phone.
I also checked all the settings in my Ooma Setup. The Internet and Ooma Core are connected, but the Phone Line in Disconnected.
One other thing I want to bring up is that the MODEM Port MAC Address and HOME Port MAC Address shown in my Ooma Setup are NOT the same. The last two digits under the MODEM Port MAC Address / Automatic is B3, The last two digits under the HOME Port MAC Address / Built in is B2. Is that nature or correct?
Could someone out there who knows what the problem is help me out? Thanks!
#41327 by southsound
Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:48 am
First off, welcome to ooma and to the forums.

Last things first. The MAC addresses are correct. While on that screen, I would change the MAC address from Automatic to Use Built-In. This will eliminate potential problems in the future.

Phone line disconnected is also correct since you did not choose to integrate the existing landline. This was a good choice on your part because it will give you a better test of ooma - and will typically cause less problems.

I also have Qwest - my modem is an Actiontec GT701-GT. It works fine with my ooma hub and my ooma Telo. Your system should work well with it as well.

What you are experiencing is a routing problem with one of ooma's connectivity partners. The only solution is to call ooma at 888-711-6662. They should be able to get things working. If necessary, they can also give you another ooma number that will not have this problem. You have done some great testing so make sure to let the tech know what you have already done. Let us know how it works out. :cool:

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