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#40312 by Cozyone
Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:49 pm
My Hub is up and running but I clearly need to replace my ancient 2.4 Hz cordless phones with DECT. I will need 4-5 cordless handsets. Eventually, I want to port my home phone number and retain my Ooma number to have two separate lines available (with Premier Service of course). I have read many of the threads on the topic of managing two lines, but still can't figure out the best configuration.

So - which approach should I take when I look for new phones to most effectively and reliably hook up to my Hub/Scout in the future when my 2 lines are operational? Should I get a 2-line cordless phone system or two separate cordless phone sytems. What are the pros/cons?
#40330 by southsound
Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:30 pm
I have two Uniden DECT 1580-5 single line systems. That gives me 5 cordless handsets for each line. I have a little smiley face on the ones connected up to one number and the others are plain. Most places where we have need for a phone, we have both located in their chargers. If a phone rings, it lights up nicely so you can see what phone to answer. I could not resist the $75 price tag (after a Staples coupon) for a 5 handset system. Maybe not as convenient as a two line system, but to me the phones are great!
#40611 by joeed2
Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:51 am
The Panasonic dect 6.0 phone sets work well wth Ooma.

One thing I like about the Panasonic phones is they use 2 AAA rechargeable batteries. Other phone sets I have owned have rechargeable "battery packs". Once the battery packs wear out and need replacement, they are usually so expensive to replace all the battery packs in all the phones that you wind up throwing the phone set away and buying a new set.

With the Panasonic, once the batteries get to the point of needing replacement, you can just go over to Walmart and buy a 4 pack of Energizer rechargable AAA batteries for about $10. So that turns out to be 5 bucks per phone to replace the rechargeable batteries.

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