International, Lifetime and Grandfathering

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International, Lifetime and Grandfathering

Post by anant_joshi » Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:47 pm

Just came to the lounge after long time by clicking a link in email about locking in premier.

I believe I'm grandfathered at $99/year as I have hub and already have premier. So I was surprized to see this email.

But it was probably sent to all.

Can ooma put "Grandfathered" in the services level screen to make it clear to all ?

While in forums I saw some posts about lifetime and started wondering what it is. I never got any email about it.
Was it not sent to me because I'm existing premier subscriber ?
If I'm grandfathered at $99/year, I don't see any incentive to even ask to convert by paying difference.
Am I right ?
Couldn't read all the posts but it seems some people have upgraded to lifetime.
It's probably worth if the device's life is over 3.5 years and for new telo users.
Can those who understand this grandfathering and lifetime advise me if I should just stay put with what I have ?

Then I saw details of international plans. Again why wasn't there any email about this ?
My first post was for complaining about rates to India.
Wish I knew in time. Would have saved me some money and aggravation.
Five bux a month is well worth for 500 minutes to India on both landline and mobile.
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Re: International, Lifetime and Grandfathering

Post by Mike-o-Matic » Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:56 pm

"Locking it in," as I understand it, does not mean you are grandfathered at that rate indefinitely. It just means you've purchased one or more additional years of Premier, at the "until-year's-end" promotional rate of $99.99/year. Unless something has changed, that is, but I've not seen anything about that on the website.

I could be wrong, of course... Confirmation or denial from Ooma staff is certainly welcome.
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