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#37792 by bw1
Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:33 am
mutt wrote:I will give it a shot, if a tech can answer this post in a timely manner.

I do not want my computer running thru my OOMA device.

I have DSL. I have 2 outlets in the room. I have a Westell Wireless Router/ modem combination.

The instructiona say to hook my computer ethernet cable into the back of the OOMA device..

That is probably a bad ifea, as it will has potential to compromise security.

Other VOIP adapters can bee hooked up downstream of the computer and only through the ROUTER/MODEM.

Also, can a line be hooked back into wall and run a second generic phone thrue the other outlets in the home.

I have DSL service.


I posted a response in your other thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5341
#37794 by bw1
Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:51 am
southsound wrote:I would rate the forum's technical support to be between 9 and 9.8. And all this at no cost to ooma. Just a bunch of really smart people giving back to the ooma community.

The reason I came down hard on the OP was that both posts were totally negative with NO information. Just discontent. And to me that means this person doesn't really want help. In order to post you have the opportunity to see a lot of threads with people being helped. Why just complain without at least posting details of the problem?

Unfortunately, there are (hopefully) a minority who have to have instant access to someone to hold their hand to walk through every little step or issue they have. And of course, don't want to pay for it. And when they don't get instant satisfaction, they're the first to rant on the internet. They also insist that they're technically competent.

Ooma is attempting to offer free phone service and while they need to work on improving support, I'm concerned that they will be overrun by support calls.
#37888 by mutt
Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:23 pm

It appears that you still have to spend massive amts of time to get to customer srvc. They are nice, but, clearly, even the Level 3 tecnicians, don't know what they are talking about- And the technicians say halve truths about the system...They told me that I could access my second line voicemail from a seperate on line account- untrue. The voicemails never showed up- on the second line- were not e-mailed- nor do they show up under the call info, and voicemail. SO go figure!

I am beginning to see that there are very little differences in OOMA and many other generic VOIP sytem that I tried. turns out that the OOMA appears to be hype. works great, looks great, feels great, but....

Honestly, the VOIP quality is the same as with the other VOIP carrier I tried last week- Voice quality- exactly the same. The system I tried uses a generic Linksys PAP2 adapter.

Plus, On the generic system I have complete control over the set-up, settings, Caller ID settings, etc, etc- Like you have on the linksys and that you have on your Router Modems from your ISP provider.

OOMA doesn't let you in the back door of their adapter to adjust those settings.

Voicemail appears to be basically the same as well.

Bottom line- Cosmetically, The OOMA looks and feelks great.

Honestly, the bottom line is that my generic VOIP thru the Linksys adapter is the same.

technical support said they set up my second line, but, you can't access it from the the My OOMA website- even after the scout device was named and has a password added.

It is not what it is cracked up to be.

OOMA appears to be a cuddly, fluffy VOIP service- nothing more-

Sorry guys, i gave it a second chance- Not impressed!

Going back to my Verizon- they are now offering me a year package of FIOS w/ high speed internet- 200 channle TV, and unlimited phone service for a bundle of $90.00. when that expires, I may drop them and try something different.

But, OOMA is too time consuming to have what i need!

Too much aggravation- Spent massive hours on this OOMA project- I Guess I am a Dummy. I guess corporate america is stupid as they invest about $350 k per year into my services.

just call me a Dummy!

Back to traditional communications convention for this dummy!
#37951 by littleguy
Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:53 am
I find the posts somewhat amusing. I know for myself if I have to spend more than 5 minutes on any item to obtain a fix or resolution then it is NOT worth my time.

I am just now hooking up the OOMA device I purchased. Any issues at this point and back it goes to COSTCO.

I purchased this OOMA because I like small businesses but not so much I lower my standards nor spend time trying to resolve issues that should not occur. I am not a compensated employee of OOMA and will not act as one.

This will be my only reading of the posts or the posting of a post.

I do hope the OOMA proves satisfactory but if not I have wasted only a little bit of time.

Good luck to you all.
#38052 by TechExplorer
Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:43 am
if this is what you want ,then just hook up ooma telo or hub internet port to free router port and then hook your PC
( computer ) port to the telo or Hub home port this will allow access to config http//
hopes this helps !
#38187 by stowhid
Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:26 am
Previous hub went bad within 6 months and past 5 days I've been calling Ooma tech support to activate the replacement hub. As of today all I get from them is empty promises. I feel It's worthless to keep calling them just to activate a replacement. If nothing is done by end of tomorrow, I am planning to return the unit back to retailer. I am really not sure how I can recommend this product to my friends & colleagues.
#38374 by oldanbo
Tue Dec 22, 2009 9:51 pm
Fazin wrote:
MakoCSH wrote:
mutt wrote:just call me a Dummy!

Ok dummy!

That isnt helpfull or appropriate.

I laughed my tooshie off when I first read that. Actually if a smilie had appeared you may not have felt offended. Note to the ok dummy poster. :)

I took as a joke and didn't perceive any offense, if that helps. Consider the context.


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