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#35048 by mhowie
Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:51 pm
As the "Call Logs" issues seem to have been resolved, I'll start a new thread specific to the problems which continue to plague the Voicemail/Inbox portion of My Ooma.

When I examine my Voicemail/Inbox this evening I find the timestamps to be all over the place. Some are five hours ahead (probably UTC as I am -5 this time of year), some are three hours behind (don't know how to explain these), and at least one is registering as yesterday although the call (and message) came in today (27 hours after what is being represented in Voicemail/Inbox.

Please get these inconsistencies and errors corrected. My patience is growing thin and as a "Premium" member I certainly expect better than what we've been provided as of late.


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