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#34488 by costanzo98031
Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:10 pm
I noticed that too, but figured it was to some redesign work being done.

It back up. I noticed they fixed a few bugs with the MyOoma site. I also saw a referral page, though this may have been there for awhile and I just didn't notice it.

I still would like to see them standardize the phone formatting to be consistence.
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#34492 by whn
Tue Nov 24, 2009 1:00 am
dhkkim wrote:anyone experiencing same?

My entire call logs is missing / disappeared.

Seriously, I love OOMA but why did they switch to this new design when they know it wasnt ready?

Can you imagine all the new subscribers and what they are thinking?

I can live with this being a Beta tester and all but OOMA , seriously, I care a lot about you guys.

You seriously need to call this a failure and go back to the old website design , it worked and it was solid.

This is only for your own good.

I don't think whoever is your Ruby on Rails developer knows what he's or she's doing or maybe perhaps maybe sabotaging your company and it's growth.

Also, put out annoucements when you see problems occur like this , it makes your company look good.

I love OOMA, I don't want it to fail like SunRocket.

Again if this is just a TEMP outage for a fix or upgrade , just say so, it would make people like me and many new customers, not worry about the health of OOMA or show the company in bad light.
#34510 by kdmc69
Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:38 am
Leeway wrote:Yes, mine is all blank. I sent a PM to Bobby regarding this.


Same for me, as well. Nothing there and new calls are not showing up.
#34513 by dsinternet
Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:48 am
My call log was working last night, so I decided to check it after reading this post and decovered that it is no longer working.

I agree, ooma needs to let people know when they are doing updates.
I am a new customer, but have been reading the forum for almost a year. If I where a new customer without any ooma forum education, I would cancel my service. Going from great clear calls on Vonage to poor sounding calls on ooma was not what I expected.
But I do know what ooma is like. They say things will be ready by this date and then that date passes without any explaination. The handset problem I am sure will be solved and I will once again love ooma. I just wish they could be honest with us customers.
On my Vonage home page, they had this little alert box that told everyone if there was a problem. Example: "Phone system down for some customers, we are working on a solution"
So if there was ever a problem I just looked on my Vonage home page and felt good that they knew there was a problem and someone was working on it.
It was simple and I did not need to worry that it was only me with the problem.
I guess this forum is kinda like the alert box.

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