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#36065 by tommies
Sat Dec 05, 2009 7:33 pm
Here is link ... ial-period
What happens to my account if I don't cancel my Premier trial after the trial period?

If you purchased an Ooma Telo (from any retail store) or Ooma Hub (from Costco stores), you will automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription to Ooma Premier at the end of your trial. You can opt out of Ooma Premier at any time during your trial by logging into My Ooma and browsing to Account->Services.

Note: If you're in a Premier trial and you don't see a link to opt out of your Ooma Premier trial on the Account->Services, then your Ooma Premier service will be discontinued automatically at the end of your trial. If you wish to continue Ooma Premier, you'll need to purchase an annual or monthly Ooma Premier subscription in My Ooma Add-Ons, anytime before or after your Ooma Premier trial ends.

It's a little confusing for me too,

I'm on ooma since March, and the free trial just automatic exprired for me. I think this is simpler compare to what they have now.
#36077 by oldanbo
Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:15 pm
I am pretty sure that your premier will expire automatically. Especially if you have not provided a cc number.

As an aside, are you "the" ms. coulter (ann)? I mean I realize that you are the ms. coulter, I guess I should ask are you that ms. coulter?

Doesn't really matter I guess, just curious. Then again, I should probably know better.

#36188 by hpepper
Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:36 am
Just to clarify for everyone, when you log into and click on the ACCOUNT Icon, (during the free Premiere free trial) It will indicate one of two possibilities:

Your service level is: Premier, Free Trial
Free trial ends in X days
Learn more or Subscribe

This is the one where you don't have to do anything - the Premiere service will run out automatically. This one never asked you for a credit card number when you activated.

The other one is:

Your service level is: Premier, Free Trial
Your subscription begins in X days
Opt out of Ooma Premier

This one will automatically sign you up for Premiere and charge you - you have to click on OPT OUT to not be charged on your credit card you had to supply when you activated the account.

#36192 by MsCoulter
Mon Dec 07, 2009 6:18 am looks like mine will end automatically. The shame of this is that I will have very luttle time to experience the premier service because I am waiting for my number to port and not using the ooma yet exept for a few outgoing test calls.

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