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#29769 by backforty
Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:29 am
Started with Ooma in August. Worked great for a month. Then began having repeated issues with hub loosing connection. Tech support had me put the hub after the router, then back to before the router. Changed my QoS in the advanced menu settings to 1640 upstream with downstream at 0.

It seems as if the hub after operating for a while over heats? (I don't feel any heat) If I unplug the hub and allow it to sit for a few hours it will work fine for a few days and then the problem returns.

I have Comcast cable (speed 11mb download/2.80mb upload) with a Motorola modem, Ooma Hum, and Linksys router set up.

Anyone else having issues like this?????

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