Call transfer from the second line

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Call transfer from the second line

Post by jam » Tue Oct 27, 2009 2:00 pm

I am new to Ooma and have Hub / Scout setup and is working great.

I have one phone connected to Hub and second one to Scout.
The second phone is an old phone and sometimes voice quality is not so good on this phone.
So I prefer using the first phone all the time.

But when a phone is coming in and the second phone is nearby, I would grab it to receive the phone.
Is there any way to transfer the call to the first phone without going through making another phone call?

Second question related to the second line:
I am on trial premier service. If I don't buy the premier service and trial period is over, what will happen to the phone on the scout? Will it behave as the same as being connected to the same line? In other words, if two people pick up both of the phones in different rooms (which are separately connected to Hub and Scout) in active phone session, will it allow both of us to talk to the caller at the same time? How can I achieve this kind of behavior with Instant Second Line feature enabled?

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Re: Call transfer from the second line

Post by ajw522 » Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:30 pm

OK, for your first questions:

Yes, you can transfer the call to your Hub by pushing the active line button. For example, if you have one call active, the call you are on, and that is on line one, simply push the 1 on the scout. That will put the call on hold. Then, go to your hub and pick up the phone. IF you have premier service, it will automatically give you a fresh Ooma dial tone (the Instant Second Line). If that happens, just push the Line 1 button and your call will be connected.

Your second question:

If you do not purchase premier after the trial expires, your scout will still work. The only difference is there will be no simultaneous calling (Instant Second Line). Instead, if you are on the phone on the Hub and someone picks up the phone on the scout, the 2 calls will be connected - the person on the scout will not get a fresh ooma dialtone. If you want to make a 3 way call, you do this: When someone is on the phone on the Hub and you want to also talk on the phone on the scout (make a 3 way call) go to the scout and pick up the phone. Like I said before, if you don't have premier, it will automatically connect, but if you do, you need to push the active line that the call is on for it to connect. If the person on the Hub is on Line 1, make sure you go on Line 1 as well, to achieve the 3 way call.
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