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#27832 by fjperez01
Tue Oct 20, 2009 1:53 pm
Hi, I just got off the phone with Customer Support. I have a problem were there are at least 4 numbers I cannot call on my OOMA. When I call the numbers, I receive 'YOUR CALL CANNOT BE COMPLETED AS DIALED, PLEASE CHECK THE NUMBER'. I can receive calls from these 4 numbers but cannot call them. I have powered down my OOMA, ROUTER and MODEM and brought them back up and I still have the problem and it does not matter if the area code is different since 3 numbers are to Cell Phones in the same Area CODE. . I had the OOMA Support person attempt a call to the numbers and she received the same message 'YOUR CALL CANNOT BE COMPLETED AS DIALED. PLEASE CHECK THE NUMBER".Luckly, I have a 2nd line from Time Warner and the call went through so the problem is with the OOMA system(I had the Support Person on the OOMA SYSTEM so she could hear the call go through). She finally cut a Trouble Ticket for me and hopefully they can get those numbers working. If any of you folks have had this problem, what did you do to have the problem fixed??
#52870 by fjperez01
Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:05 pm
What I did and you should do is call OOMA Support and tell them your problem. Then, have them attempt to call the number on their OOMA phone. More than likely, their call also will not go through. They will cut a ticket and get the number to work on the OOMA System. Within 2 days, My numbers were working. I then received a call from a OOMA Technican to make sure I could call the number.

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