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#22914 by WayneDsr
Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:12 am
I saw it at Best Buy a few days ago.

#22916 by atici
Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:15 am
WayneDsr wrote:I saw it at Best Buy a few days ago.

Yes, I saw this on the forums too. However not all BestBuy locations are the same. It is not available on their website so there is a chance they wouldn't even know what I'm talking about if I go to one of their stores.

Could ooma confirm the availability?
#22950 by dcist
Thu Oct 01, 2009 9:42 am
I saw the Telo at Best Buy in Arlington, VA yesterday but there was no price on it.

I tried calling customer service this morning to ask about upgrading but there was a significant language barrier so I gave up and emailed. Hopefully there is a program to upgrade!

#22953 by lohertz
Thu Oct 01, 2009 9:47 am
I'm willing to bet as soon as all the old hubs and scouts are sold there will be a larger stock of Telo's. Also, I would say there will be a package deal that includes the handset (due in Nov 09).

I know, I know, early adopters want everything now, but rest assured, market forces are at work!
#23036 by tbm_0929
Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:48 pm
Be advised, this post may appear twice. Reason, my first submission was not visible to me so I am assuming I did something wrong.

Yes, the Ooma Telo has arrived. I went to to verify. The web sight does not have the Telo listed. I called the store; the Best Buy Customer Service Rep (CSR) confirmed the store does have the product. The reason for my decision to procure a Telo was based on the differences between it and the Ooma Hub, but also the price change that went into effect Sept 30th, which justified taking advantage of every available option. Since I purchased and registered the Ooma Hub yesterday Sept 30th. I contacted Ooma to discuss procurement of the Telo and transferring my phone number and setting information. Of course the information can be transferred but Ooma had no means of direct distribution, therefore I must return the Ooma Hub to Best Buy and purchase the Telo. Not a problem, I am well within the return policy time period for both Ooma and Best Buy. After returning the Ooma Hub and procuring the Telo, I contacted Ooma Customer Support, who opened a support request. The unfortunate reality is that now I can not use either. The Ooma Hub is on Best Buys shelves with my information associated. The Telo is un-configured, and unplugged on my desk waiting for an Ooma CSR to transfer the information in the next 24 to 48hrs. That’s what I get for being greedy. Be careful with your upgrades.


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