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#23813 by Leeway
Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:59 pm
Well, I am glad you got both directions in your address. It remains to be seen if they write me an email to say that mine is not correct since I used the apt/unit number.

When I look at my complete address in my profile, it does say what it needs to say. And... who says you couldn't have an apt/unit that reads "20W". I will be upset if they tell me I can't do that. :shock:

Obviously, where ever the page is being set up, they do not have to do what we have to do for emergencies.

I do not use both directionals in places other than emergency. On the other hand there are cities near me that literally demand that both be used. I think others are going to object to the methodology that Ooma uses. I still say blank fields or a second address box would be much better.
#23884 by tailwheel
Sat Oct 03, 2009 8:05 pm
OK, this problem is now really fixed! I got a message late tonight from Bobby B. indicating they put a real fix in (apparently the last fix was temporary from what I can gather) to allow a more free form entry in the Street Number field. I was able to enter N10W12345 into this field which was exactly what I needed. I'm having no more login problems or 500 page errors either.
The ooma people really seem to be working hard to get these issues worked out. Very nice job! Much appreciated.

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