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#22046 by tailwheel
Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:34 pm
I hope someone from ooma will read this and provide some response...

On July 2, 2009 I called into service to report a problem I was having with the lounge. For some reason I was suddenly unable to access the account page, which returned an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. Also, I was unable to view the call logs page. When I tried to goto call logs, I would get logged out of the lounge. Therefore, I was unable to change any of my account information (password, address, etc...) and was unable to view call logs and utilize the the Blacklist feature (at least conveniently).
After TWO MONTHS and several calls into ooma support,the issues had not been resolved. Finally after nearly two months, service managed to escalate my ticket to engineering and apparently the cause was found and I was told a fix was made on August 28th. I was then informed that I had to wait for the fix to be pushed to production. That was Sept 8th. It's now Sept 26th and the fix has not been applied so still having the same issues.

I purchased Premier primarily for the Blacklist feature. I have not been able to use it or view my call logs for nearly 3 months. Blacklist is working, in that it is blocking calls that I had told it to prior to the problem and I know that I can manually enter #s to blacklist if I really need to. But, I think it's also fair to say that I'm not really getting what I paid for.

I think I've been understanding and patient in waiting for this to be resolved. Right now service can't tell me when the fix will be pushed to production and they have also told me that they are powerless to escalate the issue high enough to get it resolved. So I'm left with posting to forums.

I have to say that I absolutely love ooma! The quality of the phone service has been well above my expectations from when I bought it. I'm not going to dump ooma because of these couple problems. I just wish it could get resolved, someday.
#22095 by tailwheel
Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:51 pm
Thanks for the reply Wayne. The problem has been determined to be server side, not client side. According to ooma engineering, the problem has to do with my street address. To make a long story long... I live in an area that uses a N/S, E/W street numbering scheme. My address is something like N10 W23588 Clover Lane, etc... The web form used to enter your address in the lounge is a bit restrictive I guess, and I was not able to enter my address as it should be. Well, I got a call from ooma service a month or so after I activated my hub, and they said my e911 address was invalid and that I needed to enter a valid address. (They actually told me they would have to discontinue my service if I didn't fix it!) I called back and said that I couldn't, given the way the web form was designed. Apparently they did something to change my address so that it did not get flagged as an invalid address for e911. That's about the time I noticed my problems with the lounge. Something about how my address was changed is causing the account page to throw an error, and is causing navigation to the call logs page to kick me out of the lounge. Seems very strange but that's what is happening. (It also a little surprising that no one else has had this problem. I know there's other people in my area with ooma.) So after a couple months of calling into service and waiting, ooma engineering finally realized the problem and developed a fix. Again, according to service, the fix has not been pushed out yet.

To be honest, it's really not that big of a deal for me. I don't get that many telemarketing like calls anymore so there's not much of a need for me to be fiddling with my blacklist. It just bothers me that I've paid for something that doesn't work; and that I can't get it fixed within a reasonable time period (which should be something less than 3 months). I also got the impression that my problem would have never been looked at had I had not continued to call in to inquire.

Anyway, that's the deal. Thought someone might find it interesting.
#22097 by ggilman
Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:59 pm
Not sure if this makes you feel any better, but there is supposed to be a major web site revamp at the "End of September" according to one of the moderators. No guarantee this will fix your issues, but there's a chance & if the project is anywhere near on schedule, we should hear more about it very shortly.
#23130 by tailwheel
Thu Oct 01, 2009 5:57 pm
bw1 wrote:Hopefully, this is now fixed with the new website update.

Me too, but nope.

ooma - please fix this frickin' problem!!!

Actually, I can now see my call logs, so that is an improvement. But...

The very serious problem now is that my service address for 911 is now blank and the web page form, as it is designed, does not allow me to enter my address accurately. So I will assume that if someone calls 911 from my house, the responder will not know where the call is coming from. I hope that ooma would consider this a serious problem!!!

Again, the root of the problem is my address - it looks something like N12W34567 Meadow Ln, City, State, zip. The web page form simply does not allow me to enter this address. I have never seen a web site with such a controlled method of entering an address. If I try to improvise and enter N12W34567 into the Street Number field, I get an HTTP 500 server exception.

What does it take to get this fixed??? I don't want to call support again just to get connected to someone overseas just to have them file a ticket just to have engineering ignore it!

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this resolved? Who to write? Who to call? Am I doing something wrong? I guess I'll be forced to call support again. Crap!

Thanks for reading my rant.
#23143 by southsound
Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:45 pm
tailwheel wrote: To make a long story long... I live in an area that uses a N/S, E/W street numbering scheme. My address is something like N10 W23588 Clover Lane, etc.

It sounds like your county did the same thing as mine years ago. I live in Mason County, Washington. They divided up the county in a grid and used the identifier E, N, W, S before the address, then they also used another identifier to say if the address was E, N, W, or S of its starting point. Wisely, they used the actual mileage from the starting point as the address. My address was E 3300 S Island Drive, meaning it was in the Eastern part of the county, South of the starting point, and 3.3 miles from 0. There was no mailing program, including that used by the US Post Office, that could handle the E in front of the number. Now the county uses 3300 E South yada yada. I wonder if you were to convert the entry to that format if it would work. It did for me.

And for those concerned, I know that there are risks to giving my real address but the county just mandated a 50+ gallon recycle bin that costs me $10 per month. I might as well fill it up with junk mail and get my money's worth. :P
#23428 by tailwheel
Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:15 pm
tailwheel wrote:If I try to improvise and enter N12W34567 into the Street Number field, I get an HTTP 500 server exception.

Actually just realized that I'm unable to enter anything for a service address. Trying to save any address causes an HTTP 500 server error. Well, I hope I don't have a heart attack while this is being fixed. I might be SOL waiting for an ambulance. :x
#23761 by Leeway
Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:45 am
I complained about the lack of flexibility in the address field(s) long ago. of course I have the same requirement for emergency contacts as far as the directional coordinates go.

The new page 'forced' me into a lot of things but I could put my actual address in it sucessfully. As far as the other coordinate I used the Apt/Unit number for 20W which is the second part of the necessary emergency address.

As a side note, this just happened to my son who has Vonage. He came home to find his wife on the floor with the phone next to her. She had dialed 911 for help and then went unconscious. The person on the phone was desperately talking and when he picked it up. It was the 911 operator asking if they lived near some lake? No they don't and there were two streets in the same basic area with the same name. The ambulance could not find her. She suffered a brain Aneurysm and if he had not walked in to direct traffic she would not be here.

I don't know anything about Vonage but I did tell them to get back in there and make sure their address had both directional coordinates in it.

The Ooma page bothered me but the new one has a better way of getting it in there but I do wish there was two address lines and not so many pull-down only choices. I did dial the local police station when I first got the hub and they did verify they could find me but.... they did tell me to always report my ported number. She could see both numbers apparently and told me to use the regular one for some reason which I did not understand.
#23792 by tailwheel
Sat Oct 03, 2009 1:38 pm
This now seems to be resolved for me. Whether it was in response to my ranting or just part of the continual updating the last couple days, either way, I thank ooma for getting this resolved. :D

The address pages are obviously still the same so I still had to try a few things to get my address entered and accepted. What I finally did was enter part of the street number in the Street Name field. So if my address is N10W12345 Clover Lane, I put "10" in the Street Number field, "North" in the Prefix field, and "W12345 Clover" in the Street Name field. It was accepted and I would think this should work. But, I will probably call 911 sometime to verify they can find me.

Interesting, I originally (back 3 months ago) did the same thing you did by entering the W part of the street number in the Apartment/Unit ID field. After a few weeks, I got a call from ooma telling me that my service address was invalid and unless I changed it, they would discontinue my phone service. Must be a 911 liability thing for for them.

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