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#19267 by opusdei
Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:22 pm
IF Ooma doesnot keep up with Vonage Ooma will be doomed by vonage unlimited calling option .Most of the Ooma customers are emigrants from other countries . Last week alone Vonage got 1.3 million new customers that is after their new promotion . Had Ooma got anything close to that !!!!!!
do anyone agree with me ?

Ooma could easily provide this feature in their Premier plan .....

I spend morethan $ 25a month calling people abroad ....Y do that anymore ?....
Say YES to Vonage .UNLIMITED Call Over 30 countries for $24.99 !!!!
If Ooma start something like that Ooma will be the NUMERO UNO in VOIP in a matter of months but do they have the resourses ?

Ooma stop the costco promotion which has no value .Start today with grabing the CHUNK OF $$$ CONCIOUS VONAGE CUSTOMERS WITH A SIMILAR OFFER THIS IS FOR EVERY EMIGRANT WHO WISH IF IT WERE SO .[/color][/color]
#19272 by southsound
Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:46 pm
You are going to find that reposting your thoughts on new threads after just doing so will buy you few benefits on this forum. Most of us who answer the posts just click on "View active topics" and see your post multiple times. We appreciate your input on the previous thread. Please don't spam the forum with copies. If you want to make your point made in a more effective way, there is a News and Reviews tab on the home page. From there you can find the Management Team as well as the address of ooma corporate headquarters. A polite, nicely worded suggestion for this feature would probably get a management response.
#19285 by ggilman
Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:35 pm
opusdei wrote:Most of the Ooma customers are emigrants from other countries .

You may have a valid suggestion but if you need to make up stats, I don't think it helps your cause any. If it really is true that over 50% of all ooma purchases are made by emigrants, I'd be surprised.

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