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#10579 by voipdabbler
Sun May 31, 2009 8:01 pm
I prefer to block my Ooma caller id and had chosen that option under the privacy tab when I first activated my Ooma. Several days ago I turned it off to do some calls to my IP phone to test some new filters I had created (I block anonymous callers to my IP phone). Yesterday, I went back into the lounge to block my Ooma caller id again. However, even though the lounge is showing that the number is blocked, my caller id is being displayed to other phones (I've called my cell phone as well as my IP phone since resetting the block in the privacy tab). I've sent an email to Ooma but thought I'd post here, too. If you think you've blocked your Ooma number, you might want to make some test calls to confirm that your number is actually blocked, especially if you just chose that option lately.
#10580 by voipdabbler
Sun May 31, 2009 8:16 pm
Well, I should have waited longer to post. I know it's supposed to take 3 minutes for changes in the Lounge to go into affect, but I had waited for more than 24 hours to no avail. Before posting here in the forums, I had disconnected the power cable to my hub and then plugged it back in. It didn't have an immediate affect, but now, about 30 minutes later, my number is now blocked again. I don't know if it was resetting the hub that did the trick or mighty fast customer support. If the latter, my hats off to Ooma.
#10587 by Colanth
Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:24 am
I made a few changes (callerID, tone, etc.) yesterday evening, and they're still not taking effect this morning. If they're not there this evening, I'll try resetting the hub. Strange - it doesn't say anything about doing a reset.


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