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#110271 by EX Bell
Sat May 25, 2013 9:53 pm
My Personal Blacklist is suddenly empty, except for the new entry I added back in (800*) to take care of 800 numbers for now until I slowly build it back up again. Anyone else have this issue?

I thought I remembered seeing someone report this in the past, but the only post I came across when searching was in regard to a suspected browser issue.

A few weeks ago I was testing for a client, so I was messing around with my personal account and moved my secondary number to it, set up a voicemail and then moved it back when I was done testing. Could moving the secondary number around from Main Account to Private Account and then back to Main Account have deleted my Personal Blacklist? I didn't delete the account, I just moved the number back to the main account. I'm fairly certain I added some Blacklist entries afterward and it was fine, but I'm not positive. I do know that the last time I messed with Personal Blacklist, I removed some of the specific 800 numbers and instead added in some wild card numbers, like 800* and 855*, etc. When I was done, it was there, but now it's empty except to the single entry 800* I just added back in.

I tried accessing from Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but only the one entry I just added shows up in my Personal Blacklist, where previously, any browser showed all my entries. I can see the one that I just added, so I'm pretty certain it's not a browser issue.

Any ideas? Would Ooma CS have a record of my Personal Blacklist they could send me so I can add them back in. There weren't that many (30 or so) so it wouldn't be that big of a deal to add them back in if I knew what they were.

I guess I'll make screen shots of them next time for backup. I thought I had done that, but can't locate anything on my computer, so I guess I didn't. It would be nice if we could export the blacklist for backup. As I type this, it's all sounding familiar, like I had this discussion with someone already. lbmofo maybe? Hmm, I'm going to dig through my old posts.

In the mean time, any advise would be appreciated.
#110272 by lbmofo
Sat May 25, 2013 9:58 pm
I think CS can get your blacklist back.

A private account created would initially share the blacklist with the main account and then editing either would mock it up I think.
#110273 by EX Bell
Sat May 25, 2013 10:19 pm
lbmofo wrote:I think CS can get your blacklist back.

A private account created would initially share the blacklist with the main account and then editing either would mock it up I think.

Thanks lbmofo. Did you mean muck it up?
I thought it might have been something I did. I'll contact CS about it on Tuesday.

BTW, I found the post I was talking referring to.
#110384 by EX Bell
Thu May 30, 2013 6:39 am
Restored by CS. Thanks for the advice lbmofo.
It was suggested by L2 CS rep that creating a private account and then moving my secondary number back to the main may have been the cause. A bug as you suggested. Have now backed up in a spread sheet and backed up the spread sheet in the cloud for safe keeping.
#134360 by john78745
Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:11 am
My blacklist disappeared today. It was intact yesterday when I added a new number to it. I hope CS can restore it. I was not aware of the bug in the Ooma system. I recently posted a glowing 5 star review of Ooma Premier and the blacklist call block on Amazon. Karma. CS helped. The problem was on Chrome only and disappeared when I rebooted. duh!

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