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#100995 by JerryR
Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:24 am
Just purchased 2 Ooma devices with 2 separate phone numbers, both with Ooma premier for my wife and I. Being self-employed and trying to reduce costs, call forwarding to our cell phones is very important, as it allows us to get away from the office. Works great, unless the caller is phoning from an Ooma phone! That's right, if you call an Ooma phone number from an Ooma phone, call forwarding does not work. This is where the system seems to fail. I called their help line and after the 4th call and 3rd day, I was informed that this feature is still being sorted out. If the Ooma phone becomes popular, this feature needs to work. I believe Ooma's techies should make this a priority. 14 months and counting, is way too long! The more people who demand that this feature work with Ooma phones, the faster it will happen.

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