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#97936 by sinoue
Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:43 am
Has anyone figured out a way past the "Fatal Error message, try again later" that you get when you add a custom picture for a contact? - My Ooma>Contacts>Add or Edit.

I spent some time troubleshooting this and wanted to pass along the following info hoping that it is helpful to others running into this and for Ooma engineering to fix this bug.

My new Ooma account allowed me to setup contacts no problem. After porting my number I tried adding a frequently called number to contacts. When I filled in the details and tried to add a custom picture either thru choosing a file or showing a URL (URL link to image only on editing an existing contact) I got a fatal error. I continued to get the fatal error on any custom icon I tried adding to this contact or new contacts. Worked with Mico in the online customer service chat and she said try a different browser. I tried different browsers on my Mac (Safari, Chrome), Windows (IE) and Ubuntu (FireFox) all getting the same Fatal error when trying to add the image.

Today I tried to modify a profile picture of an existing contact that I had already setup and that worked. I then tried the contact that had been giving me problems and got the same error message. I then deleted the problem contact and then tried a new contact and it worked! Not sure if just the presence of the old contact giving me problems and deleting it was the trick, or getting an existing contact to update that allowed new contacts to now work, but I'm hopeful these clues will help others.

Feature Requests:
- Landline phones like Ooma are usually linked to multiple users in a home rather than an individual. Ooma contacts has no concept of a contact being multiple people. It would be nice if I put in a contact that I could create a home phone number and link multiple contacts to that number (make it easier to add Mom & Dad to one number).
- Make an API to your contacts and let companies like cobook sync your contacts across multiple address books (like our Apple Address Book). This makes way more sense then keeping multiple address books that are out of sync. Between my Ooma and my iPhone having one address book is critical!
#99278 by tbeltz
Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:07 am
lbmofo wrote:No issues here using IE9

Do you think the issue is ith IE8? That is what I am using and it was alright starting out and I was able to upload pictures to my contacts but something has happened to prevent my ability to do so.

The work around suggested so far have not worked for me. I have rebooted to see if that would correct it to no avail. Anyone else having this problem??

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