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#8612 by bw1
Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:11 am
WayneDsr wrote:BW1 - that is a great idea for checking voicemail from away with out ringing the home phones... I like it!


Thanks, now if I could just figure out a way to have my cell phone display my name and ooma number for all out-going calls instead of my cell phone number or Private.

I have it display Private (blocked) now, since I don't want anyone to have my cell phone number and I want them to call my ooma number which will ring my cell phone.
#8613 by caralmar
Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:14 am
bw1 wrote:
caralmar wrote:
bw1 wrote:Mine works correctly. I unblock my number when I call home from the cell phone and it works. If I block my number from the cell, the call goes to VM as I have ooma setup to send anonymous callers to VM.

Hi, can you tell me how exactly you "unblock my number when I call home from the cell phone and it works"?

Do you mean that you log on to the ooma lounge from your cell's browser? If so, what phone/browser are you using? Thanks!

I have my cell phone number blocked as default with the cell phone company (Verizon pre-paid), so when I call my ooma number (home) it goes straight to voicemail. When I want to call home and have it ring the phones, I unblock by dialing *82 and then the number.

You can also block your caller id by dialing *67 and then the number for each individual call.

Thanks for that... very creative solution! Unfortunately, I can't apply it because I get a lot of international calls and they come through as anonymous... and I don't want to send those to vm... but very good solution!

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