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#93619 by ober37
Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:59 pm
Here is ultimately what I would like to do:

- I have a Ooma Telo with 4 Ooma handsets
- I want my phone number to ring all of my devices but the one in my office
- I want the phone in my office to be my personal device
- I want the phone in my office to have a dedicated number
- I want to use Google voice extensions to link to my office personal device and dedicated number

Here's where I am at:

- I added a new phone number
- I added a personal device and provided email / password for that device
- I associated the new number with that device


- How do I go about assigning Google Voice extensions to that new device / number? While it shows up under "Phone Number Preferences", the "Google Voice Extensions" does not recognize that I setup a new number

- Do I need to log into under my new office phone number? When I try to do that, using my new number and password, it will not log in it says that either the number or password are invalid.

I have read all of the tutorials, but am hitting a wall.

Any advice??

thanks in advance!

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