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#88637 by thunderbird
Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:47 am
While browsing My Ooma, I notcied tht my Prepaid Account Balance disappeared to zero.

I have sent Ooma Support an E-mail to restore my funds.

The reason for this post is that maybe you should check your Prepaid Account Balance in My Ooma, and make sure your Prepaid acount balance is correct?
#88963 by thunderbird
Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:54 am
As part of subscribing to Ooma Phone Service, Ooma gave me a free promotional gift of $50, added to my prepaid balance. But I am/was/will never able to use it because of the way Ooma has their business plan setup??????

More information on the Ooma Prepaid Account.

Ooma first answer in response to an E-mail I sent:
"I apologize for any confusion regarding the prepaid credits you have on your Ooma Account xxx-xxx-xxxx. I checked and was able to verify that the $50-prepaid that you had was a promotional credit provided free when you activated your Ooma account on 2010-09-30. It should have expired 180 days after service activation and had been extended for quite a while. However, we can no longer extend it, thus the expiration of your unused prepaid credits.

To know more about promotional credits, please also check ... g#anchor-8.

My Reply:
Dear Sir,
From what I read:
How do I use my promotional minutes or credits for international calling?
"Once in a while, Ooma will offer promotional minutes or prepaid calling credits to new customers. When you activate your Ooma Telo and create your My Ooma account, these minutes will be automatically added to your pay-as-you-go account. Even if you choose to add additional prepaid time, your promotional minutes will be deducted first. Please note that promotional minutes expire 180 days after they
are credited to your account.
Note: You can stretch your promotional minutes further by subscribing to an international calling plan."
End of Quote.

Instead of billing my credit card for approximately five months of $9.99, for International Calling, the money that I owed for the bulk rate international pricing for a $9.99 per month subscription fee, should have been deducted from my Prepaid Account $50.00, until it was exhausted. Otherwise under the Ooma rules and the calling plan that we chose, I could have never use the Prepaid Account promotional minutes of $50.00.
Please return the $50.00 that you mistakenly changed my credit card, when the charges should have been charged against my promotional prepaid account $50.00.

After the second E-mailing Ooma about my prepaid account disappearing, Ooma restored my $50 Prepaid account, or gave me another promotion??? They never returned an E-mail explaining, the $50 prepaid account amount just appeared again???

But now the $50 prepaid account just sits there, they never apply any of it towards my International calling bill.

Because of the way Ooma does business, I suppose I will have to suspend my International calling bulk rate calling plan, until the $50 is used (and I'm not sure even that approach will work), or I will never be able to use the $50 prepaid account???
#89448 by leob
Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:19 pm
thunderbird wrote:Note: You can stretch your promotional minutes further by subscribing to an international calling plan."
End of Quote.

Looks like they do not honor that. I subscribed to an international calling plan and only used the prepaid balance for occasional calls to international mobile numbers that are not covered by the plan. There were still about $40 as of a few weeks ago - tomorrow morning I'll be making noise about it.
What annoys me is the furtive nature of this. Why not send an e-mail "your prepaid minutes will expire in a month"?

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