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#73478 by cnebrandt
Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:32 pm
Is there a way to set up having 2 or more google voice numbers using the same virtual Ooma number? I can't add a second virtual number since I am limited to 2 numbers and I'm not sure if I simply add a different google voice number that it won't just wipe out the first.

I am a new Ooma user and still testing the system to see if it works for me and figuring out how to use it with our google voice numbers.

I also found this by searching the forums but can't find anything else about it:

ooma GVE Call Announce
In households where multiple Google Voice accounts exist, ooma Premier Google Voice Extensions can allow for different Google Voice accounts to forward calls directly to specific handsets in a home. The GVE Call Announce feature will also voice an announcement of who in the household the call is intended based on which Google Voice account originated the call.

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