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#71248 by oomg
Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:08 am
stevepierce wrote:Also I want to make sure we keep the facts straight. You had said there are 50 to 60 posts and that is not correct.

There have been 34 separate posts on the Ooma forum on this topic and 63 users (well now 62 because your problem is not an iCHOP) from this forum that have experienced iCHOP.

As of today, it has been calculated that there have been over 70300 posts in slightly more than 10,000 different threads with slightly more than 11300 registered users. So, for the sake of discussion, let's do some math.

If there are 34 posts, that means than 0.05% of all the posts have been about the "iCHOP" issue [assuming for the sake of discussion that you have not misconstrued the problem experienced by others as you initially did with my problem].

If there are more than 11300 registered users [on this forum], that means that less than 0.06% of registered users
on the board have reported what you have labeled the "iCHOP" problem.

34 posts: 34/70300 = 0.00048365 or less than 0.05%
62 users: 62/11300 = 0.00548673 or less than 0.6% of registered users

I'm do not profess to be a statistician, but I certainly would not call those numbers "statistically significant. "

Of course, the numbers do not take into account the fact that there are thousands of users out there who have never registered on this forum and/or who have never reported any problem of any sort whatsoever. And while it may also be likely that there are some that have never complained, it appears that the actual occurrence of the [alleged] problem is even less frequent than the numbers above would indicate.
#71250 by oomg
Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:17 am
stevepierce wrote:The stats are coming from direct testing and from reports gathered from Ooma call logs. Then Ooma logs are compared to the Google Voice logs.

Hold on there... who gave you access to my Ooma call logs? And who gave you access to my Google Voice logs?

You make it sound like there is something going on behind the scenes that has not been made public to the rest of us on this forum. So, if in fact, there is something you are not disclosing, please take a moment or two to share. Anybody else know anything about this.?
#71252 by oomg
Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:25 am
stevepierce wrote:If an Ooma call is less than 60 seconds a check is made against the Google Voice Log. If there is 0 second GV call at the same time, it is likely an iCHOP, so call is logged. Then a check is made for calls less than 10 seconds as that is likely a direct call iCHOP.

Just because there is a match, it is not assumed it is a bad call, it needs to be tested. The number is flagged and then a call is made to confirm the number and noted if it fails or works. Numbers are retested several days later to reconfirm. It is hoped with others joining the crowd source, it will be possible to test the same numbers from different area codes and different areas of the country.

Then it will be possible to map the CLEC/Carrier owners of the failed numbers. With enough data points it will be possible to map which carriers are more likely to have a problem and see if time or location is a contributing factor.

It is tedious but it is the right way to hunt down problems.

In earlier posts in this thread, you stated that the problem you have labeled as iCHOP has been occurring since last spring and that it was first reported on the forums in July. Assuming both are true, it would seem to me that it might be much less tedious to attempt to identify what, if any, changes were made to the Ooma system at or around those times.
#71255 by murphy
Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:53 am
Two come to mind.
Pure voice (Telo and hub I think)
HD voice (Telo only)
#71264 by oomg
Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:17 am
murphy wrote:Two come to mind.
Pure voice (Telo and hub I think)
HD voice (Telo only)

Thanks murphy. What about Google Voice? Wasn't there a comment to the effect that the problem occurred more frequently with GV extensions?

And for the record, because of the pattern I have experienced, I will assume that my problem is related to my connection at my second location, or something unique about that connection. So, no iCHOP here.... zero... nada... none!
#71565 by jimck
Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:54 am
I read several posts regarding issues with Ooma and thought I'd add my two cents. Yes, the post was a bit harsh. My experience is below and my experience with CS was excellent. Yes, it takes sometime to reach a live person (waits can be long), but in today’s labor world with the current economy…well. When I did phone and email regarding post number change, etc, they were excellent and on top of everything. My last contact with CS was about a year ago with the initial setup and number porting. No need for CS since then.

I have the Telo base unit, Panasonic Cordless phone system, Comcast as my IP provider, new Linksys wireless N gigabit router. I ditched Comcast’s antiquated modem for a Motorola Surfboard SB 6120 (DOCISS 3.0), which is super fast. With that said, I rarely have a dropped call or small issues like echoing while online, but for the most part (99% of the time) it works well. I did not follow the connection suggestions as supplied by Ooma and connected my Telo to the router’s gigaswitch. I’ve had this setup for almost one year without issue.

I think like all new technology/companies, one must expect some issues. The positive side is that I no longer have an outrageous phone bill. I pay for Premier and it is well worth it. Overall, it offers features unlike any other landline or cell phone company. My rating with all factors considered would be very high. I think for those with issues, it may possibly be setup, IP Company and Internet speed, and knowledge of the owners system.
#71586 by STBXXL
Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:20 pm
I recently switched to Ooma and ported the number from at&t. So far my experience is excellent and my wife who is not so willing to tolerate issues just because it's geeky to use "a cool new device" is also happy. We did a fair amount of international calls to Germany over the holidays and the quality is really very good(I think better than with at&t). I also subscribe to Premier as it offers extra features we like. Still the break even will be in less than 5 months.

I use Comcast cable as ISP with a Moto SB6120 modem. The Telo is connected to a modern 802.11b/g/n router from D-Link (DIR-655) with the Qos setup according to a tutorial I found on this forum (Qos handled by router, Telo's QoS is disabled). I also got the Telo handset but I'm not sure about its call quality yet. The Panasonic DECT 6.0 cordless phones we already used work very nice though. I'd also recommend using a UPS to buffer at least the modem, router and Telo. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley) and short power glitches (which really can upset networking devices) can occur now and then.

Just my 2c.
#71698 by huggybear
Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:56 am
Hi all,

Ok, we are now officially no longer Ooma clients. We are not happy about this, but as I said before, we were having so many issues and with my husband's health problems our phone has to work first time, every time. Perhaps if I were a bit more "Geeky" I could have fixed anything using the suggestions from CS and this forum. Many things I'm good at, computers & technology, not so much. The place we bought our Telo from took it back, giving us store credit for the full amount, so I will not be offering it for sale to Ooma clients. We were not unhappy with store credit as we purchased the Telo this past April, over 8 months ago.
I want to thank each & every one of you for your Herculean efforts and patience in attempting to cure my phone problems. I will miss you so much. You are the BEST!!

Mary & Charlie
Zeeland, Michigan
#71702 by EricJRW
Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:52 am
Sorry it did not work out huggybear... But your story is a good one that ooma (or VOIP in general) might not be for everyone.

Happy New Year,


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