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#4746 by ooma-fan
Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:14 am
Did you pay attention to your name on your outbound Caller-ID?
My outbound Caller-ID is showing up as "OOMA Inc" along with my OOMA number.
I would expect my outbound Caller-ID should be my OOMA number and my registered name instead of "OOMA Inc".
#4774 by murphy
Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:39 pm
Bobby B wrote:Do you know when you activated? Normally it takes a couple weeks to propagate your caller-ID information in various telecom systems.

This appears to be an ongoing problem affecting many people. I activated my system on January 26. I purchased a year of Premier on January 27. I requested a number port on January 27. I activated a second number on January 27. The primary temporary number initially had it's caller ID as "Hatboro, PA". Three or four days later it changed to my name. The number port completed on February 20. The ported number had the original (before the port) caller ID for several days and then it changed to my name as listed in the Lounge. Throughout this period my second number has had OOMA, INC as it's caller ID. I have an open case number, <<#10834-17747#>>, that I received by email on March 6 that said:

Requested that the provisioning team correct your Virtual number Caller ID. Will take 5-10 business days to show up.

Thank you,

Ooma Support Team

That was in response to an email request, entered via your support web site, over a week before March 6.

Today is the sixth business day and the caller ID hasn't been corrected so far. Why did the caller ID for my primary number show up, in both cases, within four days and the second number has been active for seven weeks and is still wrong?
#4786 by ooma-fan
Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:43 pm
I activated ooma with my "first" primary number 2 weeks ago. My registered name showed up on Outbound Caller-ID right away at the time with my "first" primary number.

Unfortunately the prefix of my first primary number could not be terminated from certain local area where calling party would get busy tone with "Barred number" error. I t seems a local switch error if the block of new numbers has not been provisioned in the calling party's switch yet.

I called OOMA, within 5 minutes OOMA support changed my troubled primary number to the current one. This "second" or current number works almost perfectly except for this annoying "OOMA Inc".

I love OOMA and picked OOMA-FAN as my login name, but don't really like "OOMA Inc" to be part of my Outbound Caller-ID:)

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