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#68204 by anant_joshi
Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:53 am
Is it possible to provide call forwarding to international number if I have international package?

Due to time difference, sometimes it's easier for me to call India while I'm at work in Eastern Time zone.

But it means I have to use different calling card and I can't use all the monthly minutes.
#71066 by socaldiver
Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:37 am
I am using Ooma in China and had the same issue. I am also using google voice and gizmo5. I recently had an issue where Gizmo5 was taking too long to accept my credit card payment so I figured this method out for international forwarding using ooma. Go to, sign up for their service. I did the $5 option, they provide me with a local US phone number that will ring me on my cell phone or landline in China. The cost of this forwarding call is just over $.01 per minute. My method is to give out my google voice number, google rings Ooma. When I leave the house I forward ooma to the localphone US number at no cost which then routes all calls to my cell phone in China. China does not charge anything for incoming calls, so I only pay the $.01 per minute for all incoming calls. Previously calls were routed like this, GV, Gizmo 5,(or Ooma) then Chinese cell phone. Gizmo5 is $.02 per minute but integrates nicely with GV as google purchased them. Gizmo5 is no longer allowing new customers, but localphone is, which makes it a great choice, call quality on forwarded calls is very good and cheap. Until google voice or ooma allow international forwarding, even at a cost this seems to be one of the best options that I have come up with.

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