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#67486 by tomtel
Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:39 am
Really, really wish customer service who quit apologizing over and over for everything. Empathy is fine, but also can be way overdone.... I do not need someone to feel my pain and tell me it and over again time after time....

Should address the issue (problem), rather than just resetting the unit - anyone can do that.

Issue - upgraded Ooma after a year plus to Telo. Works great, however about one a week or logo will start blink red and all light with the exception of line 1 & 2 will turn off. Will get a fast busy signal if I pick up handset. Unit will not forward calls to my cell phone as it will when the system is down.

Now, I can reset the unit and get things working. I don't need to call for that. What I do need is to know why the unit drops the line every so many days - which is what customer service does not seem to be able to do. To ask me is all was resolved to my satisfaction is a resounding NO, since the issue is not resetting the unit (anyone can do that), but finding out why the unit keeps failing - which seems to be the missed point.

I luv the system, gave my old system to my other, and have referred others to Ooma, however m Telo experience is not to satisfactory.

Back to the question - why does my unit keep dropping (nothing else fails on my network - nor logs anything changing), but the Telo fails?>

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