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#67264 by 9204wilson
Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:01 am
I currently use an Ooma Telo and the basic service. But, if I were to start using the Premier service and purchase two Telo hand sets, can I transfer a call from one handset to another handset? For example, if I am on my handset talking to my mother on line 1 and my mom wants to speak with my wife, can I transfer that call from my handset (line 1) to my wife's handset (line 2)? Or, maybe it has nothing to do with the lines maybe the call just transfers between handsets but the call stays on line 1.

On the Ooma web site, I am lead to believe this can happen. In describing the Intercom features of the Telo Handset, the web site says, "Use the intercom to talk between handsets and transfer calls." I would be interested in upgrading to Premier service if the transfer calls part is true and if I can transfer a call between handsets (or from line 1 to line 2).



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