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#64140 by lbmofo
Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:13 pm

Ooma vs iTalkBB

Before Ooma introduced the Basic 1000 min $9.99/month ($11.79 after FUSF) International plan, it was a tough sell to convert my iTalkBB friends to Ooma (actually, non converted).

Now, I am about to convert 2!

All I had to do was to have them look up their monthly international minutes with iTalkBB. Turns out, non of them actually go over 1000 min/month. 800 min was heavy, average was less than 500 min.

Here is the breakdown:

iTalkBB's Global Unlimited Plan

Unlimited calls to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan (29 countries and regions, mostly landline, some mobile)

Monthly charge $24.99 + $2.95 tax = $27.94

Friends/Family in China & Taiwan can reach your home phone in US by dialing a local China & Taiwan local number + your account/ID number <-- this is almost never used by thier friends/family since too troublesome writing down/remembering account/ID number.

Friends/Family in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea can reach your home phone in US directly by dialing a local number $4.99/month. <-- my friends never bothered to get these direct local numbers because it costed extra.

500 min Free iTalkFreedom (like traditional phone card service mostly used while away from home). <-- I told my friends about Ooma mobile app for iPhone. Instant "OK"

Cost Savings:

Ooma Basic + 1000 min International Plan: $3.47 RRF + $11.79 = $15.26/month (savings vs iTalkBB $12.68/month)

Ooma Core + 1000 min International Plan: $11.79/month (savings vs iTalkBB $16.15/month)

Figuring Ooma device + app cost as $260, break even point in months:

Ooma Basic: 21 months
Ooma Core: 16 months

If less than 1000 international minutes/month, Vonage World friends paying $33.52/month is even easier to convert to Ooma with break even at less than 15 and less than 12 months (with Basic 1000 plan buying Ooma mobile app too).
#64214 by dingslu
Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:50 pm
very nice write up and comparison, very clear that ooma comes out on top, assuming that you use less than 1000min/month international calling time.
I agree, 1000 minute is a lot. I can't even finish my 1250 min phone card in 3 months and I always call home and am on the phone a lot.
#64247 by lbmofo
Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:04 pm

Yeah, non of my friends with iTalkBB or Vonage World have gone over 1000 minutes per month in international calling. I believe this is also the case with most folks out there. You'd have to call for more than 1 hour every other day to exceed 1000 minutes. Who talks to their mom/dad/sister/bro/friend that often month in & month out?

Even if you do exceed 1000 minutes once in a while, with Ooma's inexpensive standard rate, it will take a lot more minutes before catching up to the other guys' monthly charges.

However, there is this one friend with iTalkBB that can't part with this feature:

lbmofo wrote:Friends/Family in China & Taiwan can reach your home phone in US by dialing a local China & Taiwan local number + your account/ID number

His mom & inlaws use it to call once in a while from Taiwan. I am trying to look for a rechargeable calling card like solution much like Mobivox with Taiwan local access number. Haven't found one yet but will probably only cost him $2 to $3 a month. Anyone have pointers?
#64248 by murphy
Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:36 am
Have him provide his mom with a Telo and configure it with a USA phone number.
They can each call each other and talk as long as they want for free since Ooma to Ooma calling is free.
This depends on whether or not Taiwan regulates the use of VOIP.
#65070 by lbmofo
Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:43 pm
FYI, iTalkBB has a terrible setup for number forward. The iTalkBB has to be online for the number forward to work. I am not certain if Vonage or Comcast Digital Voice works this way but I doubt it.

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