Still thnking about getting OOMA?

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Still thnking about getting OOMA?

Post by tengger » Sun Jul 20, 2008 4:28 am

Think no more. It is a no brainer.
Here is a list to get you there

Regular land line $62 a month,(still had longdistance charges) Then i took the vonage plunge and cut off the landline. Down to $30 a month. went OOMA $242 less than the cost of one year of vonage. This is all done here in MAINE. For some out thare yes it is part of the US :)

There only 2 down sides to any voip. Loss of power and loss of internet connection. Both solved very simply by money you just save.

For the loss of power get a UPS uninterupible power supply. connect OOMA, modem, router, and cordless base to it.

For loss of internet. trac phone works great. $ 20 every 3 months. nice little back up for 911. and power outages after the UPS is out.

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Re: Still thnking about getting OOMA?

Post by Cheezr » Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:30 am

I can save you that extra $20, just keep your old deactivated cell phone. federal law requires that all physically working cellphones be able to call 911 with or without an active account.


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