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#63050 by southsound
Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:58 pm
I find it amazing that people post a problem with no details (and in some cases, only a topic!!!??) and expect some blinding flash from the sky that will make everything right. Are you posting to vent or get a solution?? My first thought would be "good luck - let us know what happens" but then I try to put myself in a new users place and it gives me a tad more compassion. You see, this is not a forum that is heavily visited by ooma - it is a user forum. Users helping other users - and occasionally an ooma person comes by, but it is more often that a fellow user is able to point you in the right direction.

To both of you, maybe you could help us help you.
- Do you have a hub (white) or a Telo (black)?
- Are these incoming calls or outgoing - your posts are not clear on whether you are making or receiving the call.
- Is this a new behavior or have your systems always acted this way?
- Does it happen on all calls or only on some calls?
- What kind of configuration do you have - cable, DSL, or ??? and what is your rated speed?
- Where is your ooma box? Before or after the router?
#63060 by roadshow
Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:15 pm
I have the same problem with my OOMA Hub. I call someone and it rings about 5-7 times before they pick up. The other end said that they picked up on the first ring. This seems to happen often, but not always. I can call my friend tonight and it may happen, if I call the same friend tomorrow, it might not. I have Time Warner Cable Internet with good speeds on speedtest. 20MB DL, 1MB UL and .2 Jitter. Speed doesn't seem to be the issue and my Internet is very stable and reliable.
#63064 by Davesworld
Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:51 am
The early ring tones you hear are called "Comfort Tones" but there should only be one or two comfort tones at the most before the real ones. The other option for Ooma that would freak people out would be to have no comfort tones at all and let people experience a (long five rings worth) pause before you hear any ringback tones but when you do hear them they would be real tones indicating a ring on the other end. Often people would wonder if the call will go through and maybe get impatient. In these situations it's damned if you do, damned if you don't. On my ATAs I use with Future Nine and CallCentric, I do not enable the comfort tones but rather deal with the delay which is not all that long, it feels like a one ring gap.

Having said all this, five comfort tones before a real legitimate tone seems like an awfully long call setup delay. Back in my Packet 8 days I experienced a slight pause before ringback tones if I dialed a seven digit number in my area code or a ten digit outside number rather than the whole eleven digits. As their system matured, the gap shortened to almost nothing unless they just started throwing comfort tones at me as I am never one to comment on how many times the phone rings before someone picks up. I am happy if they do pick up at all. After all I am potentially inconveniencing them if the timing is bad.
#63072 by pinan
Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:16 am
lbmofo wrote:I think bvbrown15 is talking about incoming calls.

I agree.

However. I also have had the same issue that others have with hearing many rings before the party I'm calling does. Calling my folks last week it "rang" 8 times before my mother picked up. Tried it twice in a row. She stated that she picked up on the first ring. That and their answering machine picks up on the forth. Usually though a call does go right through.
#63490 by jsb
Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:51 am
Southsound - I find it amazing that some people on forums are just a wee bit condescending. I am glad you decided to be compassionate; that is so generous and kind of you! On public forums, may I suggest you just ask for details politely? We would appreciate it. :D

My assumption is this post is regarding the "caller" (the one phoning into an Ooma household) hearing the the phone ring many times before the Ooma "receiver" rings at all. That is the case out our household; by the time we hear the Ooma system ring, the caller is ready to hang up! The caller reports hearing the phone ring "many times." Here is additional info:

-- this is a recent problem, nothing has changed on the system
-- we have a white hub, with one scout, installed on cable modem (comcast service). I have checked speeds and they are easily within VOIP requirements.
-- the connection chain is cable --> modem --> Ooma hub --> router
-- this only happens to some callers, some of the time

Are others having a similar problem, and have you found a solution? Thanks in advance...
#63531 by southsound
Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:46 pm
jsb wrote:Southsound - I find it amazing that some people on forums are just a wee bit condescending. I am glad you decided to be compassionate; that is so generous and kind of you! On public forums, may I suggest you just ask for details politely? We would appreciate it. :D

Sorry you were offended. I would have preferred to have helped both of you - but with no information, it just isn't possible.


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