Make My Ooma Voicemail page iPhone friendly.

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Make My Ooma Voicemail page iPhone friendly.

Post by ktwalrus » Sun Aug 22, 2010 3:01 pm

The Voicemail webpage is designed for large screens. It would be nice to detect that the client is an iPhone (or other small screen device) and put up a simple page for seeing if there are any new voicemails in the INBOX and for playing voicemails.

I put the link to the My Ooma Inbox on the home screen of my iPhone and I can launch this icon and see the INBOX and play voicemails just fine. But, the font on the page is so small, it is hard to hit the side menu links or see what is in the list.

It shouldn't take a web programmer more than a couple hours to detect and load a small screen version of the Voicemail pages.

Also, it would be simple to get the Ooma logo to show up in the home screen shortcut (you just place the logo in a file with a certain name in your webserver directory).

If you have a mobile interface at some other URL, then the suggestion would change to informing new customers better about the mobile URL...

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Re: Make My Ooma Voicemail page iPhone friendly.

Post by jm9496 » Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:16 pm

Good luck. I have been requesting a non-javascript version of the voicemail page for years, but get completely ignored. All we need is a page that displays a table of the calls and links to the MP3 files of the recordings. "Every other company" can provide a non-javascript non-flash stripped down single column version of its site for mobile phones and slow browsers, why can't these people at ooma?

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