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#61561 by tulsaskyline
Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:57 am
Open the OOMA app beyond current customers. Use the iphone app in such a way to promote awareness of OOMA. Most people do not know about Ooma. But they know about Vonage because of all their advertising. You have an awesome product and service. Voice call quality is excellent. Get the word out. Give the iphone app away for FREE. - and use social networks and viral media to announce and promote it. I was so surprised that the OOMA app required someone to be a customer. The Ooma iphone app needs to introduce iphone users to OOMA. Open the iphone app up to prospective customers. Give away a block of minutes for FREE. Add features to the app to pull them in to being customers. If the revenue for the app is critical to your business - then use an in app purchase to upgrade the app when someone fully activates it for use with the OOMA service. OOMA is missing a huge opportunity.
#61565 by nn5i
Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:11 am
A huge opportunity to give stuff away free? Gosh, I wish I had an opportunity like that -- I could get rid of all my furniture, cameras, computers -- everything!

But maybe you only mean services, not goods. With an opportunity of that kind I could come out of retirement and work 40 hour weeks again, but for free!

I can hardly wait. :)

Ooma has a superior product at a smashing price, and is probably growing at about the right pace. There seem to be some growing pains, as manifested in these forums, but on the whole they seem to have the sense to grow at a pace they can handle. More than one young company has failed because it found ways to grow at a rate it couldn't handle. Ooma's doing just fine.

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