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#60831 by ThatAdamGuy
Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:00 pm
Hi there,

I just got Ooma and have just activated it today. Sadly, though I paid for a full year of Premier, it looks like telo handsets are backordered until Aug 16* :-(

Here's my situation:
- I've already registered a 2nd number in MyOoma
- I have a roommate. We each have our own Google Voice numbers.

Here are my questions:
- Before receiving our telo handset, are there any ways for my roommate and I to use Ooma with both of our GV numbers? If so, what functionality will we have and what will be missing? I assume incoming calls should be no prob (my friends call primary Ooma #, my roommate's friends call *his* Ooma number, right? Or will this not work without the handset?)
- AFTER receiving our telo handset, will it be possible for us to use Ooma/GV integration (e.g., GV on caller ID) for *both* of our GV numbers without paying for additional numbers, in particular, will my roommate be able to use his cordless phone attached to the core Ooma telo unit and have caller ID display his GV number, with me being able to use the telo handset and have caller ID show *MY* GV number? Or is Ooma -- as I'm now fearing -- designed to only work with one GV account at a time, even with a 2nd number and handset?

Thank you very much in advance for cluing me in :)

#60832 by southsound
Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:20 pm
First off, welcome to ooma and to the forum!

I've been using two GV numbers with my Telo for many months now - one number is our personal number and the other is for a non-profit charity I manage. It has worked well in a similar configuration to what you want to accomplish.

I don't think that ooma will be able to handle the two GV numbers in a really elegant way at the present state of GVE. That said, I still think you can do some awesome things with naked GV and ooma, especially since you have Premier. If you have not done so, have two numbers - your main number (A) and a second number (B). For the present time, leave both numbers shared but set up a special ring pattern for number (B). That way you can tell what number is being called, even when the calls ring on your only phone connection - the cordless system. Now point your GV number to (A) and your friend's GV number to (B). In GV settings, allow the number you are pointing to direct access to voicemail without a password. When you make an outgoing call and want to display your GV CID, just dial your GV number, press 2 to make a call, enter the 10-digit number and the # key. The call will show your GV CID. When your friend makes a call, he will first dial **1 then his GV number, press 2 etc.

When you get the Telo handset, assign one of the numbers to the Telo handset as a personal device. Then, either person can make their calls without dialing the **1. The system will output the approriate ooma CID to GV and GV will recognize it as a forwarded phone. Maybe someday Google Voice Extensions will be able to handle two GV numbers - but you can have a great experience right now without needing to set up (and pay for) Google Voice Virtual Numbers.
#60833 by ThatAdamGuy
Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:40 pm
Southsound, thank you so much for the friendly and prompt welcome... and super-helpful info!

You've confirmed what I originally suspected (and later gleaned from this article).

Having to speed dial one's GV number doesn't seem so awful. The bummer, though, is that there's at least theoretically a risk of reduced voice quality :\ -- you're placing a call via Ooma (which by itself I understand has excellent voice quality) to Google Voice (which in my experience generally has decent quality), and so you're doubling the layers and having 2x the chance for quality probs :\. My understanding is that GVE places the call directly via Ooma (not Google) and just alters the caller ID; is that correct?

The other option, certainly, is to initiate all calls via our respective computers, particularly via the awesome Google Voice Chrome Extension*. Then -- though there's still the double-layer thing at play -- there's at least no need to dial **1 or a GV number, etc.

Oh, and one unrelated note: it'd sure be nice if -- given the telo handset availability prob -- Ooma would allow us eager beavers to order a Telo handset from, say, Amazon and get it in a couple of days and then just credit our Ooma account for $49. Then again, given the reviews I've read of this handset (ouch, no 3.5mm headset jack?!), I'm a bit less eager to receive it than I was previously :-(.

Anyway, thanks again for the reply, Southsound, and take care :)

*DISCLAIMER: I work for Google, but not on GV or Chrome.
#60837 by Quicksprj
Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:41 am
No headset jack but Bluetooth capability. I will tell you at least in my opinion that the handsets are not the greatest quality. The screen isn't great and one button on one handset doesn't work well but the sound quality is very good. On a side note I've heard working for Google is awesome. Is it really like some people have said with all the percs and really great working conditions?

I've had ooma for over a year now and love it. I also use gv the round about way right now.
#60873 by ThatAdamGuy
Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:40 am
Hmm. I think I'm gonna give my roommate the telo handset* and I'll keep the cordless phones for myself :D

And yeah, I do have to say it's pretty incredible working at Google. Feels like a university campus. The difference, though, is that if someone messes up on a test at college, they're probably still gonna be okay. If I mess up something at work, I can really negatively impact (and infuriate!), oh, a few hundred million people. So it's an engaging, exciting environment, but certainly high pressure!

*P.S. -- A raspberry to the person who didn't give a nicer / more efficient name to the telo handset. Maybe the "helo"? :) Then we could have talked about pairing a helo and a belo with your telo, and -- at least in theory -- everyone would understand :-)
#61459 by nn5i
Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:44 am
ThatAdamGuy wrote:*P.S. -- A raspberry to the person who didn't give a nicer / more efficient name to the telo handset. Maybe the "helo"? :) Then we could have talked about pairing a helo and a belo with your telo, and -- at least in theory -- everyone would understand :-)

I was sure you would finish, everyone would be mellow. Alas. :|

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