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#60562 by MartyxB
Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:15 am
(1) Call Waiting [ } Enable [ ] Disable
(2) Voicemail [ ] Enable [ ] Disable

If Call Waiting = Disabled AND Voice Mail = Disabled THEN if Line is in use And New call comes in Then caller gets Busy Signal.


Call comes in and line is in use Then

(a) Call Waiting Enabled
( a1) Voicemail Enabled Then do what you currently do
( a2) Voicemail Disabled Then do your current Call Waiting thing except on timeout give Busy Signal

(b) Call Waiting Disabled
( b1) Voicemail Enabled Then Immediately drop them into Voicemail (maybe with alternate Voicemail message)
( b2) Voicemail Disabled Them Give caller Busy Signal <- What I will use!
#61281 by southsound
Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:23 pm
ooma can disable call waiting but they say that if they do, it is permanent. The options shown by the OP look great - but they have been suggested multiple times in the past and I think that if was something ooma could do easily, they would have already done it based on multiple requests. That said, don't feel like I'm saying, "don't suggest it" because if they get enough requests, they just might dedicate the resources to make it happen. I'm all for flexibility and for some, call waiting is just rude. I "almost" agree - but there are times I want to take a call - or have my bride to it for me. That is where Premier comes in. I have a Telo with multiple Uniden handsets running from a cordless base on the PHONE port. I also have two of the Telo handsets. When I'm on the phone, I get the CW beep - but the Telo handsets ring and if my bride is home, she can take the call. If not, I most times just ignore it.

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