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#58570 by mschuller
Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:24 pm
Please enable 311 calls for NYC.
It is a number the city provides to help you find information and connect to the correct department. Road Runner can provide it to their NY internet phone customers, so Ooma should be able to too. You may say just call the department directly, but if you do, and you made a mistake about the number they tell you to hang up and call 311. Please Please. And especially for alternate side of the street parking info that is given every time you dial.

#60464 by southsound
Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:29 pm
dgwoodsy wrote:enable 311, Vonage does. I can return this unit if necessary and all i will be out is $39.99 transfer fee.

And you are telling us this on a user forum to make us somehow enable 311 for your unit? Any ideas how we would do that? Also, you would be amazed at the apathy that threatening other users with your impending return creates.

I don't know how often you dial 311 - our locality doesn't have that service. But if there is a regular number you can dial for the information you need, is it really worth Vonage prices to avoid the extra digits? For me, I'd rather save the money and post a sticky by the phone or use speed dial. Just my humble opinion.

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