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#57953 by lbmofo
Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:37 am
Insomnia wrote:@ southsound I'm not even going to respond to that. It's clear to me that you have a vested interest in this company and nothing I, or anyone else could say will change the fact that your comments are clearly designed to distrat from the main point of my original post. I certainly hope that the average user will take the information presented here and make thier own judgement. You've taken a discussion and turned it into an argument which I'm not going to participate in. Based on your last post, I wouldn't be surprised if making bluetooth part of premier wasn't your idea. Nobody is that passionately defensive about something so obviously unjust that doesn't have an interest in hiding something.

I don't think southsound is as passionately defensive as your expectation being unreasonable. To make this ooma bluetooth work, ooma had to spend time, money, & effort. They are giving this new feature away for free to premier customers; they are not charging them any extra in monthly fees. This is the key here, they are not charging anyone extra! What's wrong with that? You are upset because ooma is not continually adding extra features to basic service? Why would they do that? That's what's so unreasonable about your expectations. You are expecting ooma to work hard and make whatever resulting feature available to both basic (free) and premiere. Does that sound logical to you?

Besides, as a Premiere member, aren't you glad ooma is working hard to put additional bells and whistles into Premiere for free?

Insomnia wrote:I'm an Ooma Premier Lifetime Subscriber, which means I have roughly $700 invested in this thing..
#57987 by merlec92
Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:02 pm
Bluetooth adapter is cra*. Tech support cant figure out why it pairs but won't connect to my phone. (Sprint HTC Hero). That is the main reason I upgraded from the hub to the telo. This is not good. I have had nothing but trouble with the telo so far. Hub was great for the last year. Lesson... If it is working...dont mess with it.
#58058 by oliverfischer
Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:45 am
OK, I think I understand what the original poster says and I feel a little betrayed myself. I just upgraded to the Telo with two handsets and the Bluetooth adapter. I am one of the very early ooma customers and did subscribe to premier for a couple of years until late last years. i had no use for the premium features. When I got the upgrade offer (I resisted the prior offers for many months). The feature that finally won me over was the Bluetooth adapter as I always 'loose' my cell in my 3 story house and liked the idea of picking up calls on my Telo handsets. Nowhere in the offer was mentioned that I would need the premium to use the Bluetooth. I am sure about that because I feared that this would be the case, but I did not find anything that said something like 'you need premium to use this feature' it just said you can pair your cell phone with your Telo with this adapter.

Not a lawyer myself but involved in consumer protection law, I can see grounds for a class action lawsuit here as this is clearly false advertising and I was enticed to buy a product with a feature that was advertised that then needs an additional subscription.

I am a big ooma fan (as I mentioned I was a very early adaptor and have brought in many of my friends and family as customers), but this is not right and ooma would do good in helping their fan base and customers instead of trying to squeeze a bug out of them like all the other telcos. This is in the end what brings most of us to ooma in the first place.

#58277 by sfdukester
Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:02 am
OK - to me, pretty simple - you get what you pay for....... those not willing to pay beyond what is provided with standard service, should expect to get, just standard service.

OH - let me say, my only interest in Ooma, is that I was an early on adopter of the original hub/scout set up - which I ditched when the Telo came out - I was a bit frustrated that some of the marketing hype was just that for several months (could only use one handset & contact sync wasn't available) - gut I lived through it. I also have Premium service, and would have signed up for lifetime, but didn't have the funds to cover it at the time.

Companies are in business to make money, unless you're a non-profit. Ooma is no different. All new technology that comes out of Ooma's R&D group cost money to develop. Someone has to pay for it. I do, by maintaining premier. Trust me $10/month, with all the features I get is about 1/5 of the cost that I'd pay for a monthly ATT service with the same options. As for Bluetooth, I haven't bought it yet, but probably will. If it wasn't tied to Premium, then the cost for the little dongle would have probably been about $150-$200. Would you have paid that?

Why is it that everyone expects something for nothing? Again - you get what you pay for.

I still get frustrated with some QOS issues from time to time, but I think it'sa great service, I love blacklists, call blocking, screening of v-mail, that I wouldn't get with any other service......and on and on and on.....all for $10/month. Really small price to pay.
#87164 by thunderbird
Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:32 am
Information only:
There is a Bluetooth USB adapter; and now a Wi-Fi USB adapter, used for an alternate Internet connection, for the Ooma Telo.

If both are used, a USB hub must be installed.

People report that if the Bluetooth USB adapter is elevated using an USB extension cable, the Bluetooth service is much better.

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