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#57466 by airban
Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:37 am

We have an On Hold Plus 6500 Hold Music system - it cost a pretty penny. I hooked it up, and it's not working with Ooma. Can anyone help me?

Or does anyone have a Hold Music system that they have working with Ooma?
#57965 by nn5i
Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:13 pm
Thinking about that:

There are two ways people can be on hold: (1) on hold in Ooma; (2) on hold in your local system (the equipment you have attached to Ooma's phone port).

Pretty clearly, if you are using Ooma to put them on hold, there won't be any way to insert music, since Ooma provides none either in Telo or in a Hub.

If, however, your local stuff puts them on hold (with its own "hold" button, perhaps), Ooma need not even be aware they're on hold. In that case you ought to be able to insert music the same way you would do so on an ordinary analog phone line.

If you put them on hold with a "flash" button, then probably [well, possibly anyway] Ooma is putting them on hold too, which cuts off any audio from your end -- including music-on-hold. The Bell Labs way to put a call on hold simply (1) connects a resistance [600 ohms] across the wire pair, and then (2) disconnects your phone from the line. Going off hold does the reverse.

Local systems that use a "flash" button to initiate a hold simply emulate the old Bell method when signaled by the flash. Trouble is, the flash (unlike a "hold" button on an old phone) probably signals Ooma too -- and if Ooma puts them on hold, your music won't go through. because Ooma just knows it's audio, doesn't know it's music-on-hold; and hold cuts off audio from the phoneset.

Just brainstorming here, of course.

But I still think music-on-hold is a wretched thing to do to an innocent caller. What did he do to deserve being forced to listen to musical taste not his own? It's like the swine with the 1000-watt boom box in his car.

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