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#56944 by cmeisel
Fri May 28, 2010 7:30 pm
I just ported two numbers to Ooma one 510 area code which was ported yesterday and is the main number and one 415 number which was ported today. We set up the voicemail message for the 510 number yesterday and it works great. The plan was to simply share the same message with the 415 number. But when i call the 415 number now i hear "please enter your area code and number". Both numbers are on the same device (old hub not telo) no scout.
What i wanted to do is to simply port the 415 number but actually forward all calls from it to the 510 number and make them both share the voicemail. Is that not possible ?
I realized today that i can sign into my ooma with both numbers (same passwords) but besides call logs they seems to share all other settings (like forwarding). I logged into the 415 number and changed the forwarding but it changed it on the 510 number as well. Can they share the same voicemail ? If so how ?
Also is there a way to see all call logs (for then 415 and 510 number) when i log into the 510 account only?


#56945 by Groundhound
Fri May 28, 2010 7:40 pm
Since both numbers are shared they should share the same voicemail. As the second port only happened today perhaps their are some provisioning issues that are not yet complete. Try rebooting the Ooma and if it is still not working as you expect tomorrow you will probably need to call customer service.

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