I almost switched to ooma

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I almost switched to ooma

Post by drewlt » Thu May 27, 2010 5:23 am

Just some feedback of my ooma experience.

Friday: Picked up ooma Telo at Best Buy - Free home phone service? I'm so in!
- Setup in recommended configuration between my cable modem and router.
- Activated and got dial tone
- Forwarded our home phone # (currently with Vonage behind router) to my new Telo #.
- Made a few test calls - seems to have .5 to .25 second more delay than Vonage (hard to tell, but seemed delayed)
- Read up on forums, reviews, install guides, any documentation I could get my hands on. Really didn't change any settings because of any of it.
- Tried moving Telo behind router and setting up QoS. Still had delay in voice.

Saturday - Sunday: Just a few calls made/received - Delay is noticeable, I'm constantly talking over the person on the other end and vice-versa.

Monday; Wife had a business call from home (usually uses the Vonage phone, but tried the ooma) and was disconnected in the middle of it. Not good. She tells me about it and I search for an answer on the Interwebz - not much success and hard to troubleshoot.

Tuesday: I call ooma phone from my cell and get disconnected mid-call.

Wednesday: Return ooma and go back to Vonage.

I understand dropped calls and delays can happen. It was just too much in such a small amount of time that made me drop it. I want a phone that works and doesn't need a lot of tweaking. Perhaps this is still just for the hobbyist.

In any case, thank you ooma for pushing this service forward and I hope to try it again in a year or so (or who knows what will be available by then!).

:) -Andrew

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Re: I almost switched to ooma

Post by just4fn » Thu May 27, 2010 6:39 am

My experience:

Bought ooma March of 2009. I have saved over 300.00 with the cost of the Hub. No echo, no problems.
I almost didn't switch.
Ooma Telo, Hub.
1958 was a very good year!
No cell phone , no land line- just Ooma
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Re: I almost switched to ooma

Post by lbmofo » Thu May 27, 2010 7:05 am

just4fn wrote:I almost didn't switch.
You mean you did switch and didn't pull an "almost?"
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Re: I almost switched to ooma

Post by dsinternet » Thu May 27, 2010 7:17 am

I had Vonage for years before the switch to Ooma. For the most part, my Ooma has been working great. I do notice a little delay and echo once in awhile. I do not have a business, so the occational minor problem is not a big deal.
Here is what I can tell you.
Vonage cost more, they have been around a lot longer, and have worked out many of their problems. Great phone service but at a high cost (compared to Ooma)
Ooma is the new kid on the block and has been working very hard fix all the little bugs in the Telo. They are a lot cheaper and they offer more options (working with your cell phone is a new option that I just saw in the paper this this week). They have only been around a fraction of the time that Vonage has been around so they are playing catch up to Vonage.

I think Ooma will be the better system in the near future, and I am willing to support Ooma by paying for the Premier service. I like how Ooma's future looks. Great people working hard to make a good product even better. Its not best, but its gets closer and closer to the best every update that comes out. I have had Ooma since Nov of 2009 (6 months) and have seen things improve so much since then. Things keep getting better and better. I would suggest running both Vonage and Ooma (if you can afford the start up cost of Ooma) and when you feel Ooma is the better system, drop Vonage. You can place both Vonage and Ooma behind the router and just have one phone hooked up to the Ooma with Vonage going to your main phones. I don't think it will be long before you switch everything over to Ooma.

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