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#56764 by a8le
Wed May 26, 2010 7:05 pm
i have search and search for this but couldn't find it...

the perfect compliment to ooma would be online faxing. i have a fax machine setup to receive faxes but, there isn't anything intuitive about the setup. hence when people call while the fax machine is connected they don't get the voicemail, they get the fax tones.

on the same note... is there a way to setup ooma to detect faxes? as in if it's a fax send the message forward, if not then send caller to voicemail?

btw, i am currently subscribe to an online fax service... faxorama, it's $5/month, or a little cheaper annually. although i didn't have to buy a setup box (ooma). long story short, if ooma does do faxing $2/month would be great. money for ooma, convenience for us.


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